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I was tagged by beijingfriedpumpkin & mitangesque (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Kat’s questions: 

1.If you could be in any kpop group, regardless of gender, age, etc, which would you pick?

  • … Super Junior? Though not very sure actually, if I would be added later. Not very fond of the way the fandom deals with ~new members~ But yeah, SJ is definitely the group whose interactions together are some of the most interesting, and well. I may or may not be biased? Though I guess if I were a member, I’d be a ~25 y/o man? 
    Another group, hmmmm f(x) perhaps? Or EXO. Man I want super powers too. 
2.What was your first major fandom? 
  • first major fandom was comiyavi, I guess. But it switched to ELF around 2007, and well, with a little wavering (there was a period I refused to identify with ELF, mainly due personal reasons and the whole Only13 business).
3.If you could visit any day/year/period in the past, what would it be?

  • .. I’m extremely fond of what’s in the present, actually. .__. Though maybe some summer as a kid (<10 y/o), I miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about things. 
4.If you crossed over your two main fandoms, what would be the weirdest pairing
to come from it?
  • .. but.. I don’t know what’s my other ‘main’ fandom. .___. I don’t really consider myself part of the EXO fandom (yet??), but uhhh, all crosspairings are weird. Lol Eunhyuk/Chanyeol? Kris/Zhou Mi? (tall people club k) Lmao I have no idea. No really, I don’t really identify myself with any other fandom than SJ’s, even though I like a lot of different things. 
    Though forever shipping SPN’s Dean and Kyuhyun. Just because I want to see them fight over pie.  
5.Favourite song from your childhood that you still listen to now. 
6.What the hell is a hufflepuff?
  • Puuskupuh in Finnish. The only mental image I’ve ever gotten is someone hurrying to catch the Hogwarts Express, haha. /laaaame
7.What type of person is your “ideal” partner?
  • A cat.
8.Favourite farmyard animal?
  • Either chickens or cows! I’ve got traumas from goats though.
9.Do you believe in fate?
  • … I must be the most boring person ever, but nah. I believe in coincidences and chances (if taken) and the work you do yourself. 
10.A book you’d recommend everyone to read. 
11.Pet peeve?

  • I have SO MANY but I can never think of any when I try to. When someone doesn’t wash their dishes immediately / instead of putting them in the dishwasher, they just let them soak around in the sink. ew. 
Aude’s questions: 
1.Would you rather live in an 18th-century castle or a really chic penthouse (money for decorating is not an issue)?
  • Penthouse! I kind of have a feeling that castles are extremely cold in the winter. And a bit too huge and impersonal for my taste. Plus I’ve always dreamed of a penthouse. = u = 
2.What’s the worst way to die?
  • having regrets, things you realize you should have done, but it’s too late. I wouldn’t want to die in a violent way. Sounds like there would be lots of unnecessary pain. So no guns or knives or anything sharp like that plz. Or naked. Don’t want to die naked. 
3.Do you think your bias is a heavy sleeper? A kicker? A sleep-talker?
  • adehhjuskuwhrfs. Lol with those limbs, I wouldn’t really be surprised if he was a kicker. I kind of have a feeling that he’s the type of person who’d snuggle close and then stick his cold feet against your shins and wouldn’t even feel sorry about that? Idk. XD
4.pick one: peanut butter+honey or peanut butter+jelly.
  • are they both supposed to sound awful? I have no idea what any jelly even tastes like, so uh peanut butter and honey? 
5.If you could cook your bias any meal, what would you cook?
  • Probably some Finnish appetizers or something. Sichuanese food? (though I wouldn’t trust myself on that) I have NO idea tbh. Scallion pancakes? XD 
6.Choose one person in kpop to be your life mentor. Why did you choose him/her?
  • would it be boring if I said Zhou Mi? <___< I just… really admire the way he lives his life. So either him, or maybe Heechul. Everyone should learn from Heechul. 
7.Do you like kids?
  • As long as they’re not crying or being mean to me. 
8.You wake up tomorrow and all of your English knowledge has been replaced with that of another language. What language would you want it to be?
  • Oh god NO. I guess I wouldn’t get into uni if that happened, orz. But huh I wouldn’t mind some Mandarin skills. 
9.What is the worst injury you have sustained in your life?
  • Uhhh I’ve gotten my ankle broken in a dance accident? I guess that’s the most severe ~injury~ I’ve had, but when it comes to health conditions, I’ve been struggling with my liver now for a few years, a couple of times nearly to the point of cirrhosis. Which… wouldn’t have been very nice. 
10.Are an unstoppable force or an immovable object?
  • Are .. you? I assume that’s what it’s supposed to say, right? Uhhh immovable object though, can’t move this arse anywhere after I open the computer la la la. 
11.What’s an already well-known invention that you wish you’d thought of?
  • FIRE. 

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My questions for tagged people!

  1. what is your favorite time of day? Why? 
  2. If you were a bender, what element would you be able to control? 
  3. Paste the last thing you’ve had on ctrl+c ? 
  4. A week with your favorite group/cast or a day alone with your bias? How would you spend that time? 
  5. A talent you want to learn? 
  6. Your childhood dream job? Has it changed since then? 
  7. What’s the oddest  dream/nightmare you’ve had? 
  8. Would you rather be the protagonist of a video game or anime? What genre? 
  9. Most played song? 
  10. How are you feeling right now? Describe only in colors. 
  11. Besides your fandom(s), what other things are you interested in? 
  Friday 4, 2012.
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